Hey my name is Brandi Gurulé, I go by Brandi G since no one can seem to pronounce it. I was born in Oakland, raised in Houston. I spent a couple years of my life bouncing from city to city trying out new places but I always find myself back in Texas. It’s a one of a kind state I feel is hard to beat. I’ve been a die hard Raiders fan since the day I can remember. Every year for my birthday I go back to make a game as well as a Warriors preseason.

img_0161I’m a single mom of a 4 year old, I’ve always been into health and fitness but modeling wasn’t necessarily something I ever strived to do, the opportunity sort of fell into my lap one day and I went with it. img_0159

I was teased a lot growing up and a lot of girls weren’t very nice about my modeling so I kept it to a minimum and was never really able to talk about or enjoy my success and eventually I quit for a long while. Not having fitness to fall back on I started using substitutes to deal with my stress and issues in life. After I had my son and I was a little older the opportunity presented itself again and although I was hesistant I latched on and promised myself to do my best, take pride in it no matter how negative others were, because I wasn’t just doing this for me anymore but my son also, it was important I lived a healither lifestyle for him and that’s where I kept my focusing and have now been doing better than before!

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